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Q. Are downstream or terrestrial applications considered?

A. Yes, both downstream and upstream proposals are considered for ESA BIC Ireland.

Q. Can sole traders apply to become part of ESA BIC Ireland?

A. Sole traders can submit proposals but they have to have incorporated a company in order for their by the time the proposal is considered by the Tender Opening Board (TOB).

Q: Is equity required in return for the funding that is provided to start-up companies?

A: No, there is no requirement to transfer any equity or shares.

Q. Are Enterprise Ireland involved in evaluating ESA BIC Ireland and ESA Spark Funding proposals?

A. Yes, Enterprise Ireland are fully involved in the evaluation of ESA BIC Ireland and ESA Spark Funding proposals. Representatives of Enterprise Ireland sit on both the Tender Opening Board (TOB) and Tender Evaluation Board (TEB). Interested parties are invited to complete an Enterprise Ireland Business Proposition Form in advance of submitting a full ESA BIC Ireland proposal.

Q. Does a separate application have to be submitted in order to apply for Enterprise Ireland’s portion of the ESA BIC Ireland funding?

A. Yes, after a company is contracted as an ESA BIC Ireland client they are invited to submit a separate application to Enterprise Ireland’s Exploring Innovation Grant funding mechanism.

Q. Once a proposal has been submitted for consideration are there any other steps involved in the evaluation process?

A. Yes – proposals are initially evaluated by the TOB. If the TOB approves the proposal it is then forwarded to the TEB for their consideration. Applicants are required to present their business proposition and field questions at the TEB Meeting.

Q. How many TOBs/TEBs are held annually?

A. Typically there are three TOBs/TEBs held annually. ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland operates a year-round call for proposals.

Q. Who are the members of the TOB and TEB?

A. The TOB is made up of representatives from Enterprise Ireland, the Tyndall National Institute (Lead Partner) and the ESA SSC Ireland Manager. The TEB is made up of representatives from ESA, Enterprise Ireland and the five ESA SSC Ireland Consortium Partners (Tyndall National Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, MaREI, Maynooth University, University College Dublin).

Q. Once a project has been approved how long does it take for a contract to be signed?

A. Every effort is made to ensure that all ESA BIC Ireland and ESA Spark Funding projects are executed fully within 3 months of the date of the TEB at which the company’s proposal has been approved.

Q. Can all companies apply for ESA BIC Ireland funding?

A. Entities that are incorporated in the Republic of Ireland less than five years are eligible to submit proposals to ESA BIC Ireland.

Q. Can all companies apply for ESA Spark Funding?

A. Incorporated entities in the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply for ESA Spark Funding. However, this funding mechanism targets established companies that have developed space technology (hardware or software) in the past and which is now capable of being applied in a downstream or terrestrial setting.